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Ron Bates
Managing Director

In addition to +20 years of Executive Coaching and Retained Executive Search experience, I also possess +25 years Sales Performance Coaching, Consulting and Leadership Experience, and I'm also a Managing Principal, since 2006, with RedCard Solutions (Sales Performance Coaching firm). I've coached and mentored deal execution crossing complex hardware, software, business process reengineering, business process outsourcing, network optimization, systems integration, and professional services domains working for Hewlett-Packard, Mentor Graphics (+$1B), Computer Vision (+$1B), Spherion (+$4B), and Heidrick & Struggles. The 1000s of Global Executives with multi-billion-dollar responsibilities I've worked with, sold to, recruited, and coached all tell me: “No one does what you do.”

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John Vossoughi
VP/GM Sales
Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, Intel Corporation

I've had some very good coaches in my life, I've had communication coaches, executive mentors, and others who have all in some way as individuals have been flawed, and Ron is no different. The critical differentiation is that Ron's process - is not flawed. Ron's system takes the person and breaks them down and then builds them up. In simple terms, Ron has a better system than anything I've ever seen. Whether you're in sales or not, we all think we're outstanding sales people, and that we know how to position our value well. The best executives are the worst at selling themselves. We often lack the self-awareness to know how we're being perceived. You need objective help to deconstruct your past to become self-away of your skills and value, and you need help in how to package it all in a way so it's applicable to a wide audience. Ron's process and system help you deconstruct your career, rediscover your value, and empowers you with the ability to articulate your strengths to anybody, and apply them to the environment you'd like to be in.

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Michael J.T. Steep
SVP Global Operations
PARC - A Xerox Company

A major benefit of working with Ron specifically is his objectivity, and thanks to Ron's honest objectivity, I didn't need to worry about just having my ego stroked. Ron drives an extremely objective, tool based, and metrics driven process. The benefit I extracted out of being able to go back through reconstruction of my career and identification of the quantified value I've delivered through my various roles has been huge. Ron's framework not only keeps you focused on mapping and communicating your value, it enables you to assess whether or not you're increasing your value proposition or if you're off track in the eyes of a prospective employer. Today's marketplace demands, especially in technology driven markets, are so extreme because of new disruptive business models. You have to be on your toes to understand how to create and communicate a value proposition, not just for yourself, but also on behalf of a prospective employer's company.

What Executives Are Saying...

Joseph Kozak
Senior Vice President
Oracle Corporation

After explaining his process, I immediately saw the value of employing Ron's services. This is the best exercise. Previously, I'd thought my early career would just be perceived as an afterthought. Ron made me think way beyond how my most recent executive roles defined my unique skill-set and value proposition to understand how my entire career experience has been leveraged and built upon resulting in the unique value I'm able to deliver in business situations. Ron's process categorizes your experience into relevant points articulated in the context of specific executive skills you've developed and built upon throughout the course of your entire career. You're able to articulate your value proposition in a way that goes beyond just describing -what- you've accomplished to being able to articulate - how.

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